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We are India’s most trusted manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of organic leaf rolls. Adil Masood, a middle-aged entrepreneur, is currently the owner of this company. Adil inherits this company from his late father and uncle. At first, A.S. Trading Company used to carry the same traditional trade of tobacco-freebidi. Two years back, Adil Masood came up with an amazing idea of introducing “organic leaf rolls” in the market.

Since then, AS Trading Company is exporting organic leaf rolls. To the USA, Poland, Switzerland, and many other European countries. A.S Trading Company launched the brand with the name “Favourite Leaf Rolls”. And now, we’re extending the export to entire Europe, plus a few other countries as well. Moreover, A.S Trading Company is the oldest and the number one. Organic bidi manufacturer & supplier in India. Our foreign customers have years of trust in our high-quality products. We manufacture, supply, and export, exceptional products including:

  • Natural Empty Rolls
  • Bidi
  • Organic Leaf Rolls
  • Chaman Safety Matches
  • Favorite Natural Arabic Gum Rolling Paper
  • Favorite Roach Perforated Filter Paper Book
  • Favorite Rolling Paper Leaves & Filter Tips Combo
  • Favorite Filter Rolling Paper
  • Green Gold Tendu Leaf Cones
  • And many more.
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Our vision behind this innovation:

Organic leaf rolls are more in demand than paper rolls. Smokers are well aware of the health risk of paper artificial sheets or pre-rolled. What does that mean? You can smoke organic leaf rolls now based on all the international health demands. Which lowers the risk or is Less harmful.

A.S Trading Company manufactures 100% organic leaf rolls.

AS Trading Company vision

Our vision is to supply you with:

  • Pre-rolled natural leaf products
  • Organic filters
  • Organic products for fixing with no gum

Several companies manufacturing organic bidi still use tendu leaves. Tendu leaves are rough to smoke, and they give a rustic look. But, we wanted to introduce some natural leaves with a more sleek appearance that is smooth to smoke. That is why we sell natural leaf products, made of thin, durable, and more cosmetic leaves. A.S Trading Company especially grows these leaves in Tamil Nadu. And some other southern areas.

We manufacture organic bidi with organic filters. And for this purpose. We manufacture filters from special plants grown in the northern states. We claim that everything in leaves is 100% organic, even the thin thread used to fix filters. At A.S Trading Company, we use organic threads and use no gum.

Our Mission

We manufacture 100% organic products that are tobacco-free and nicotine-free. Moreover, we add no extra flavors to our leaves. Our mission is to help you enjoy 100% organic leaves with natural taste & flavor. So, we claim that our natural leaf products contain organic mixtures. Also, our natural leaf products have quite some various purposes.

Our organic leaf products will help you in the following:

  • Organic Pre Rolls
  • Tobacco-Free & Chemical-Free
  • Super Slow Burning
  • 100% Real Palm Leaf
  • Just Fill It

Our mission is to substitute rolling paper smoking with less harmful delicious organic leaf products.

With time, We’ve developed a strong bond with our national and international customers. And the uniqueness of our herbs attracts overseas customers the most. That is why we are extending our exports further.

AS Trading Company Mission
Why choose us?

Why choose us?

  • Our research team uses different natural flavors in the leaves that tone down herbs’ bitterness.
  • We cut health risks with the delicious pleasure of smoking. And the prime part is the wholesale rate of our organic leaf products.
  • They are cost-effective, and you can order them in bulk.
  • Furthermore, we are certified and provide complete quality control.
  • With our commitment, quality, and vision, we keep a trusted position in the market.
  • Reach us today to relish the most delicious organic leaf products.