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Manufactured and Supplied by AS Trading Company

Best Organic Blunt Wraps Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Wholesaler in India

We are India’s most trusted manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of organic leaf rolls. Adil Masood, a middle-aged entrepreneur, is currently the owner of this company. Adil inherits this company from his late father and uncle. At first, A.S. Trading Company used to carry the same traditional trade of tobacco-free bidi. Two years back, Adil Masood came up with the amazing idea of introducing “organic blunt leaf rolls” into the market.

Since then, AS Trading Company is exporting organic leaf rolls. To the USA, Poland, Switzerland, and many other European countries. A.S Trading Company launched the brand with the name “Favourite Leaf Rolls”. And now, we’re extending the export to entire Europe, plus a few other countries as well. Moreover, A.S. Trading Company is the oldest and the number one. Organic bidi manufacturer & supplier in India.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

These leaf products are genuine. The delicious aroma and sleek appearance is a game-changer. Never have I ever smoke leaves that are this smooth with sensational taste. The organic bidi smokes better than I expected.

Loveeeeee the juicy pineapple flavor rolls. They are amazing and smokes great. These rolls use no rolling paper and are natural leaf products. I love how they roll easily and smells great. The overall experience was amazing, and I would love to try them again.

I love the fact that they are so good but still economical. This time I am going to order in bulk for my family and friends as well. The packaging is a further uplift for the brand. Everything is 100% organic and environment friendly.

It was a great alternative for me. I was trying to quit tobacco smoking for a very long, and now I have shifted to these organic bidis.

They have a strong aroma, and they taste amazing……you can’t resist them having again. I am happy! Now I am tobacco-free.

I am happy that I am smoking healthy herbal products. I didn’t like the fact that it tastes the same as tobacco bidi. It should taste different from tobacco. Later I found that all smoke tastes the same, and we can try their different flavors to relish smoking more. I loved cool mint flavor rolls; they smoke great and slow.

I would highly recommend it to health-conscious smokers. These leaves taste sensationally great and are healthy. I am happy with the thing that it helped relieve cough and is soothing for the headache.

They are best for the lungs and have reduced my chances of getting lung cancer. They are the best lung cleaners with 100% organic Ayurveda mixture…..I would highly recommend these herbal products.

I tried other bidi products a couple of times. But even though they were healthy, they were rough to smoke and had a rustic look. I came across this product, and its sleek look with natural leaves caught my attention. And now I can’t get over it.

These organic bidi products are smooth and delicious to smoke. The additional feature is the Ayurveda mixture; it relieved cough.

Being an active tobacco smoker for very long, I can clearly differentiate between the taste and the health factors of tobacco and organic leaf rolls. I tried these leaves a few months back, and now I can’t switch back to the tobacco.

I feel more healthy and fresh now. The dullness I used to feel in my head and body is gone. It relieved my depression and anxiety, as well. I would highly recommend it.

I am very fond of smoking rolls and bidi. Recently I switched to these organic products, and this is my second purchase from here. I feel a great.

Ayurveda mixture did wonders to my throat and mind. Now I feel more light and fresh.

The chlorine-free, soft organic filter papers are mind blowing.

I would highly recommend organic rolls, they clear metabolism.

I tried rolling paper leaves, and the fact that there is no plastic in them is amazing. Now I can relish rolling up organic cones that are 100% herbal and made of wood pulp.

The packaging is amazing; it is fancy and environment-friendly. I loved the matchbox; the fact that it is safe to use and durable with great packing makes it more loveable.


Q: What ingredients are used in this Favourite Leaf Rolls?

A: These are 100% organic leaf products with no rolling paper. Our organic Favourite Leaf Rolls is tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and with no chemicals or additional flavors. Plus the best part is you’ll get to experience organic filters fixed with organic natural plants like a corn husk.

Q: I need a bulk order? Is it available?

A: Yes, you can get them in bulk order on wholesale prices.

Q: How many rolls are in one pack?

A: There is a total of 10 rolls in one pack.

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