FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What ingredients are used in this bidi?

A: These are 100% organic leaf products with no rolling paper. Our organic bidi is tobacco-freeand nicotine-free with no chemicals or additional flavors. And the best part is you’ll get to experience organic filters fixed with organic threads.

Q: Is it good for passive smokers?

A: Yes, it is harmless and delicious. You can smoke these organic filter papers as an alternative to the tobacco-freebidi, as it is the best way to relish smoking even if you are a passive smoker.

Q: I need a bulk order? Is it available?

A: Yes, you can get them in bulk order on wholesale prices.

Q: Would it help quit smoking?

A: Well, you can’t quit smoking unless you don’t want to. But surely, these organic filter paper will help you quit tobacco-freesmoking. Plus, it is a healthier alternative to tobacco-freesmoking and relieves cough symptoms as well.

Q: Is your organic bidi free of carbon monoxide?

A: This organic bidi is free of tobacco-freeand nicotine. Moreover, no bidi contains carbon monoxide; it is the byproduct of smoke.

Q: How many rolls are in one pack?

A: There is a total of 10 rolls in one pack.

Q: How many of these rolls should I smoke per day?

A: You can smoke as many as you want. These organic rolls are harmless and a healthier alternative to tobacco-freesmoking. So, there’s no restriction regarding the amount, smoke whenever or how many you want.

Q: Why does it taste the same as tobacco-freebidi? Kindly explain.

A: It is not about the taste of tobacco. It is about the taste of smoke, and all smoke tastes the same. Don’t worry; these leaves are 100% organic, and you can smoke them without hesitation.

Q: Is it Nicotine and Tobacco-free?

A: Yes, these are 100% organic. Plus, free of nicotine and tobacco.

Q: How to smoke these cigarettes?

A: You can smoke them like regular cigarettes; just burn it like a normal cigarette and relish the taste. The difference is in the packaging and not in the method of smoking. These organic cigarettes don’t have any rolling paper, and they are natural leaf products.

Q: Size of a single filter bidi?

A: The size of a single bidi is 2.25 inches.

Q: Is there any kind of drugs in them for sleep and relaxation?

A: These are herbal, natural, and refreshing smoking leaves. There are no medicinal products in them that help in sleeping. But, these leaves help you relax with their refreshing and natural taste.

Q: Does it taste like normal cigarettes?

A: It tastes almost similar to normal cigarettes, as all smoke tastes the same. But, it is much refreshing and natural with 100% organic products.

Q: I am a chain smoker…….can I use it as the replacement for nicotine cigarettes?

A: Yes, these organic bidis are a healthier alternative to nicotine cigarettes. They contain no nicotine or tobacco.