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Paan flavour pre-rolls are one of our tobacco-free products with the sweetness of paan. A S Trading Company manufactures sweet, healthy, and refreshing pre-rolls for all the smoking enthusiasts. And this very product of our pack several qualities at a time. It is a pre-rolled, pure herb with freshness and health benefits of paan. And when we say it’s pre-rolled, that means no rolling paper, just pure organic naturally rolled leaves with the following qualities:

  • Slow-burning
  • Long-lasting
  • 100% organic
  • Sweet and refreshing

So, you can be sure that it’s healthy. The thing about paan is that it relieves your headache issues. So, if you feel heavy in your head and it hurts after smoking tobacco, why don’t you try something that is tobacco-freeand nicotine-free.

Order The Syrupy Sweet Paan Flavour Pre-Roll In Bulk:

Each pack contains 100% natural pre-rolls that feature paan’s freshness with CBD to intensify every puff you smoke. We manufacture 100% organic pre-rolls at wholesale rates. Plus, you can literally taste and smell the paan while puffing away on these pre-rolls. They pack the qualities of paan and the healthy benefits of herbs.
A.S Trading Company has emphasized manufacturing 100% natural herb pre-rolls with natural leaves and no rolling paper. It is such a steal with all the qualities and its wholesale price so that you can order in bulk.

Why You Should Try Paan Flavour Rolls:

Being a paan lover, you’re categorized into a different class of people. We’ve manufactured these paan flavour rolls keeping in mind the elegance and the health consciousness of paan lovers. Unlike synthetic rolls that make your mouth stink like tobacco, paan flavour pre-rolls are a natural mouth freshener to you with several health benefits.
Additionally, paan flavour is such a steal for all the food enthusiasts because of its digestive properties. Furthermore, it satiates the sweet cravings of diabetic people and is a healthy dessert for them. So, these pre-rolls pack two benefits by being a paan flavour that is healthy in infinite ways and is 100% organic.

Key Features in Quick Points:

  • Natural leaf herbs
  • 100% organic leaf rolls with no rolling paper
  • The best alternative to the synthetic rolls
  • Best smokeable products with no chemicals or additional flavours
  • The delicious leaf rolls are natural herbs and contain no plastic
  • Above all, they use natural filters and no glue

Additional information

Pack Size

2 Rolls in each pack




100% Organic


No Artificial & Harmful Flavors


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