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Are you tired of pure herb wraps and their bitter taste? Do you want to try something sweet and delicious with no health risk? Well, then you must try mango flavour pre-rolls. They’re overly sweet and leaves a joyful aftertaste. Moreover, the manufacturers have focused on reducing the cost of smoking a roll. Therefore, these mango rolls are very economical, and you can order them in bulk wholesale. For such a steal, you might try all the flavours. A.S Trading Company manufacture smoking products by keeping these striking qualities in mind:

  • Resilient
  • Hand-rolled
  • Pre-rolled natural leaves with no rolling paper

While talking about the qualities of our products, the first thing you must be sure of is that they’re tobacco-freeand nicotine-free. But, don’t you worry, they still pack a ton of refreshes. We manufacture pre-rolls that burn slow and are long-lasting. Furthermore, with their sleek appearance and the specially grown leaves, they’re easy to roll and 100% organic.

Order the delicious mango flavour pre-rolls in bulk:

The pre-rolls are convenient for your bucks and provide a total of ten rolls in one pack. This is such a steal. And, if one pack brings you a sweet and pleasant experience with 10 rolls. Then, a single pack is more than enough for a delicious experience.

Why you should try mango flavour rolls:

Mango is the most luxurious flavour you can ever have. So, if you feel like having something sweet and luxurious, indulge in mango flavour pre-rolls. AS Trading Company manufactures 100% organic, natural, and CBD+ pre-rolls. So, you can have as many as you want.

Key Benefits:

Aside from being tobacco-freeand nicotine-free, they contain no chemicals or additional additives. A.S Trading Company manufactures pre-rolls with no glue, and they’re 100% organic. They’re fresh with environmental-friendly packaging.

Smoking a mango flavour pre-roll is like smoking a mango, yet you can still get the benefits of your herb. We value your health. That’s why we mainly focus on the quality of the products that last long and produce satisfying smoke.

Key features in quick points:

  • 100% organic
  • tobacco-freeand nicotine-free
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No artificial flavours
  • Pre-rolled
  • Plastic and preservative-free
  • No use of glue

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Pack Size

2 Rolls in each pack




100% Organic


No Artificial & Harmful Flavors


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