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Relish the freshness of sweet watermelon in pre-rolls. We manufacture 100% organic pre-rolls with no-rolling paper. Till now, the after-effects of smoking were heavy head, cancer, heart issues, and many more. But, our manufacturers broke this stereotypical culture. Now you can relish the joy of smoking with healthy benefits. Our watermelon flavour tobacco-free pre-rolls contain the following services:

  • Refreshing for mouth
  • Sweet in flavour
  • Reduce the risk rate of heart attack
  • Reduce inflammation and muscle soreness

The Ayurveda leaves with natural flavours packs a ton of benefits. So, they are a healthier alternative to synthetic nicotine-containing products.

Order The Juicy Sweet Watermelon Flavour Pre-Rolls in Bulk:

AS Trading Company manufactures natural herb pre-rolls, and that too within your budget. These watermelon flavour pre-rolls come in a pack of 10 rolls at wholesale price. And that’s a real bargain. Due to their quite convenient size, they’re slow-burning and long-lasting. Moreover, the fresh, green, and fruity flavour of watermelon is a sprinkle on the top. With all these qualities, these watermelon flavour pre-rolls are an excellent choice for consumers who can’t get enough of rolls.

These 100% organic pre-rolls leave no room for rejection. They’re natural leaves with mouth-watering sweet watermelon flavour. And, when you’re getting them for a song, then, what’s holding you back from ordering them in bulk.

Why You Should Try Watermelon Flavour Rolls:

We manufacture organic pre-rolls with natural watermelon flavour. And just how watermelon quenches your thirst, these 100% organic, flavoured pre-rolls quench your thirst for smoking with the summer iconic fresh aroma of watermelon.

Being watermelon flavour, they’re not only tobacco-freeand nicotine-free, but also improves your digestion with every puff you smoke. The sweet watermelon flavour is beneficial for your heart and relieves inflammation. So, order now. You’re just a step away from healthy smoking.

Key Features in Quick Points:

  • Natural pre-rolled leaf herbs
  • 100% organic
  • tobacco-freeand nicotine-free
  • 100% handmade pre-rolls with watermelon flavour
  • No artificial or harmful flavours
  • The best alternative to synthetic products
  • Chemical, plastic, and preservative-free
  • Above all, they contain natural filters and zero glue

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Pack Size

2 Rolls in each pack




100% Organic


No Artificial & Harmful Flavors


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