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Relish the sensational taste of pineapple in pre-rolls. The juicy pineapple flavour uplifts the delight and tone down the bitterness of herbs. In these pineapple flavour wraps, manufacturers have focused on covering all the must-have features of a pre-roll. What’s missing is tobacco. These pre-rolls are 100% organic with no additional additives. So they are a healthier alternative for you. The pineapple flavour is an additional hit, and it leaves a delicious taste in your mouth.

Why should you prefer organic wraps?

Organic pre-rolls are natural leaf products. They bring you more close to nature. Moreover, these rolls burn slow, and when they’re organic, they won’t leave you coughing. Pineapple flavour pre-rolls add a smooth and exciting experience to your smoking sessions. During the formation of organic wraps, the manufacturers have focused on all the healthier benefits.
AS Trading Company started this mission from scratch. And now, we’re supplying worldwide. Pineapple flavour pre-rolls are safe to use, and you can get them on wholesale. The manufacturers are proud to claim that with these organic blunt rolls, you can uplift your smoking sessions with healthier benefits. The CBD in these organic blunt rolls also cures a number of ailments. Plus, the herbs helps to cure several mental disorders.

Key Features of organic pre-rolls:

  • They are 100% organic natural pre-rolls.
  • They are tobacco-freeand nicotine-free.
  • They are naturally rolled leaves with no glue.
  • There are zero chemicals and additional flavour in them.

Pineapple flavour pre-rolls are available in a pack of 10 rolls. They are very inexpensive, and you can order them in bulk. When the company started this vision, we had only limited supply. But now, our suppliers are worldwide. And we’re proud to say that our manufacture is, even more, expanding now. A.S Trading Company is expanding its services to Europe wide as well.

Relish the juicy pineapple flavour:

You can have the mind-blowing experience of rolling a wrap with no health risk. Organic pre-rolls burn slow and are spectacular in taste. Relish the juicy taste of pineapple with organic pre-rolls. Contact now for a better experience.

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Pack Size

2 Rolls in each pack




100% Organic


No Artificial & Harmful Flavors


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