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Spend your money on pre-rolls. They burn slow, and you can have their pleasure for a long.

Our cool mint flavor rolls are more enjoyable. And you can take your enough time while smoking them. These wraps hold a lot more pot, and smoking one single roll is equivalent to smoking six joints. At A.S Trading Company, our manufacturers manufacture pre-rolled natural leaf products with no artificial flavors. Each pack comes with 10 blunt wraps that are 100% organic.

Cool Mint Flavour Rolls Are Safe To Use:

In synthetic rolls, there’s a health risk because of the presence of nicotine and tobacco. What does that mean? You can never smoke a roll again! No, with Trading Company India, you can never lose hope. You can still relish the pleasure of rolling up a wrap. We manufacture 100% organic rolls with a variety of flavors. They are tobacco-freeand nicotine-free. The prime part is that you can get them wholesale and in bulk. Moreover, we’re extending the supply all over the world.

Worth the Purchase:

Our mint rolls are a delicious experience. The top note is its refreshing taste, the middle note is its health benefits, and the base lies in its final impression. The menthol in them will give you a delicate and smooth taste. And you’ll feel refreshed in your mouth. They are 100% organic herbal wraps with additive-free mint leaves flavor. The prime part is that because of its cool mint flavour, it won’t leave you coughing. So with our manufacturers, you can relish a refreshing blunt instead of a harsh tobacco-freeblunt.

A.S Trading Company offers the best mint wraps. They are 100% organic with environment-friendly packaging.

Some of their defining features are:

  • Durable
  • Thin
  • Burn Slow
  • 100% Tobacco-free
  • No artificial flavour
  • No nicotine

Why do we choose to manufacture mint flavour rolls?

It is because it will give you a complete herbal experience. And when you set to try something non-tobacco, herbal is the first thing that crosses your mind. A.S Trading Company manufactures 100% organic rolls with no compromise. Our mission is to make you experience delicious and tobacco-free rolls. Cool mint flavour rolls are a smart choice for you. They are:

  • A better alternative to tobacco-freerolls.
  • Durable and burn satisfyingly slow.
  • Manufactured from specially grown mint plants.

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Cool Mint

Pack Size

2 Rolls in each pack




100% Organic


No Artificial & Harmful Flavors


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